Open Standards for an Open Future

The goal of the Open Liquidity Network is to establish and popularize multiple open standards serving all key stakeholders across the Ethereum rollup ecosystem.

The Open Liquidity Network

A community-driven approach to building an integrated ecosystem of assets based on open token standards.

  • Track adoption of xERC standards.
  • Understand the benefits and implementation of the xERC standard.

Fragmentation Is Holding Us Back

Rollups are not only the future of Ethereum, they are the present. Rollups today consistently process more transactions than the base Ethereum L1 network.

This improves scalability but degrades Ethereum’s global network effects — capital, users, and developers are fragmented across rollups.

The Open Liquidity Network

A set of open standards will allow rollups to interoperate seamlessly without benefiting any single ecosystem stakeholder.

Token Issuers and NFT Projects

Open standards allow any token to move between rollups or to Ethereum L1 in a safe and efficient manner without sacrificing sovereignty to interoperability providers.


With open token standards, developers are no longer isolated on distinct rollups. Developers can build applications that tap into Ethereum’s global user and capital base.

End Users

Rollups have further degraded the UX of crypto. Open standards abstract away complexity and risks for end users, lowering the the friction to growing the entire market of crypto users.

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